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C A Precision Inc
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South Florida's Leading CNC Machining, Manufacturing and Production Facility

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For the past eighteen years C. A. Precision has been a leading manufacturing and production facility servicing the South Florida region, including the cities of Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach. Our qualified technicians and management staff have extensive backgrounds in CNC production and programming, engineering manufacturing production, quality control inspection, and welding - to name but a few!

Reputation for Reliability
Our reputation has developed among our customers for superior quality, fast delivery and low price. This allows C. A. Precision to be a reliable source for all facets of your production needs. Within our facility, we have instituted the S.P.C. (Statistical Process Control) System for unsurpassed quality and accuracy.

Challange Us
We invite you to challenge us in any of our qualified fields. If you are need of a machine shop that can offer CNC short or long runs, thread turning, milling, press punch, marine fabrication, sheet metal fabrication or prototyping and repair, then look no further.

Industries in which we specialize:
Aircraft and Aerospace
and others...

Our Services include:
CNC Custom Fabrication   Grinding
Parts Remanufacturing   Aircraft Machining
Prototyping and Repairs   Marine Fabrication
Welding (in-house and on-site)   Fixturing
Consulting Solutions for your Design and Fabrication Problems   And much more...

Please e-mail us at machine@caprecision.com to get a free quote for any job that you may require. Or use our free quote form. When e-mailing us please include your name, company, contact information, and a job description. Also, please attach any applicable CAD drawings, photos, sketches and/or other material pertinent to the job. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also fax us a request for a quote at (954) 491-4369 with applicable drawings, etc. or simply call us at (954) 491-4356.

We Do It All... We Do It Precise - We Do It Right!

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